Austin & partners is a retail store based in Abuja, Nigeria that has been in existence since 2015. The store offers a vast collection of African Ethnic Wear, ranging from south sout, Senegalese to other continental attires. The store has a warm and friendly staff, who give you an essence of the courteous cultural clothing of Africa, prevalent in the gorgeous city Abuja.

Our Fashion Specialists ensure a dummy drape for your selected collection of Afro or Afro western materials, to give you a proper look and feel of the product and a better decision-making.Our professionally trained in-house tailoring team ensures that your product is stitched within a day if you have an urgency. Not only this, same can also be delivered or couriered to your address, as per your convenience.


The store offers products across a large range of price points. Austinandpartners scores in offering the latest and most extensive range of products which suit every budget, taste and occasion, for self as well as for gifting.

So, when you are planning your next trip to Abuja, don’t forget to visit our store there. While looking for our store, you might be misled by taxi drivers or travel guides, who might suggest ‘better’ shopping options, in return for commission paid by other shopkeepers. A whole lot of customers have given us similar feedback on having been misled with false suggestions.

If you face a similar situation, all you need to do is call us at +234803-836-2898 to get a pick-up or direction assistance. We offer a pick-up facility within the city for those travelling by public conveyance, and direction assistance over phone for those driving down. We’d be happy to assist you in all possible ways.

If you have made a selection online for making purchases at the store, then mail us at info@austinandpartners.com 15 to 20 days before your visit, and we’ll organize a personalized product display, especially for you